Information Communication Technology (ICT) in Education Evaluation in the Province of Papua

The use of ICTs has been recognized as an important strategy to raise the quality of the education process and improve the quality of life in Papua.

Training for Teachers in Papua Collaborate with University of Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia

In order to prepare International Standard Schools (SBI) in Papua, the provincial government of Papua for the second time have sent their teachers to undergo training in Australia. The teacher training program in Australia first started in 2008. This program is specially designed by the Willi Toisut

Mapping and Evaluation of Nias and Southern Nias

In mapping the education condition in Nias and Southern Nias, several activities are done: secondary data gathering from several resources, thorough interviews,Focus Group Discussion, and early Seminars. All these activities done across Nias and Southern Nias. The results from the activities have pr

West Papua Provincial Government Scholarship Management for scholarships to China and Germany

The West Papua Provincial Education Office as the administrative authority of education in West Papua is one of the parties that is highly committed to the development of human resources in West Papua. In order to help realize the quality improvement of human resources in West Papua, PT Wacana Tata

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WTA is an Indonesia Educational Consultant established in 2004 by Educational Experts driven by their commitment to enhance and support a better and qualified educational world in Indonesia. This initiative was boosted by the fact that Indonesia’s low quality and poor performance in Education, both on Policies and Implementations.

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We provide consultancy for the development of the education sector that can help the government and educational and non-educational institutions.

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In an effort to improve the capacity of Human Resources in Indonesia, we design and implement various programs based on competence.

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Design and carry out research related to education issues and increase the capacity of other human resources.

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Plan and manage scholarship programs to various countries funded by the Indonesian government and non-government institutions CSR.

Education Improvement

We help to assist educational institution to improve their capability through investment from government or non-government funds.

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We raise and manage CSR funds from government and non-government organization to be channeled into scholarships for children in Indonesia who wish to study abroad.

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With all the expertise we have in education-field, we will help you to improve the quality of the school you have.

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Entrepreneurship Education is important to be taught to children from an early age so that children can prepare their skills in the future and also their future career choices.

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Vocational Education is sometimes referred to as career or technical education and plays a significant role in anticipating the needs of a professional workforce.

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