About Us

WTA is an Indonesia Educational Consultant established in 2004 by Educational Experts driven by their commitment to enhance and support a better and qualified educational world in Indonesia. This initiative was boosted by the fact that Indonesia’s low quality and poor performance in Education, both on Policies and Implementations.

To upgrade and develop the Education in Indonesia, we need Educational Experts to help us hand in hand for a better and promising future. That’s the reason why WTA exists now. PT. Wacana Tata Akademika uses the brand of The Willi Toisuta & Associates.

Our main Mission is to help the Government In Indonesia, both nationally and locally. Also Local Foundations and Corporations that wants to contribute thru CSR, that has the same concern about raising the quality of Human Resources, Realize Quality of The Education System, so the upcoming generations could have a better education system, could have a capability to compete globally, and will to reach their maximum potential as a Human being.

What We Offer

Best Team

We have very best team to manage what we do around Indonesia.

Realize Quality of Education

With education experts we are committed to helping realize quality education in Indonesia.

Programs & Services

We manage various product and our services through experts.

More Than 15 Years of Experience

Since it was founded in 2004, we remain committed to creating quality education.

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Our Services:

Consultancy Services

We provide consultancy for the development of the education sector that can help the government and educational and non-educational institutions.

Capacity Building

In an effort to improve the capacity of Human Resources in Indonesia, we design and implement various programs based on competence.

Research & Evaluation

Design and carry out research related to education issues and increase the capacity of other human resources.

Scholarship Programs

Plan and manage scholarship programs to various countries funded by the Indonesian government and non-government institutions CSR.

Education Improvement

We help to assist educational institution to improve their capability through investment from government or non-government funds.

What They Say