West Papua Provincial Government Scholarship Management for scholarships to China and Germany

The West Papua Provincial Education Office as the administrative authority of education in West Papua is one of the parties that is highly committed to the development of human resources in West Papua. In order to help realize the quality improvement of human resources in West Papua, PT Wacana Tata Akademika, an educational consulting company, proposes a program to send students to study abroad, namely to the best tertiary institutions in Germany and China. The program proposal is expected to be able to develop the insights and capabilities of students from West Papua Province so that when they return, they are able to contribute to the development of West Papua Province.

The selection of Germany and China as the study destination is because the two countries have been known as one of the best education systems in Europe and Asia. In Germany there are more than 300 higher education institutions spread throughout Germany. Besides that, almost all higher education institutions in Germany are funded by the state. So even though lectures in Germany are no longer free, tuition fees in Germany still tend to be cheaper than countries in Europe and the United States. While China has been known as a country that has been constantly developing science and technology. China has grown to become one of the countries experiencing rapid economic growth. This is inseparable from the commitment of the Chinese government to prioritize education as one of the bases for achieving technological progress. Especially with the signing of the ASEAN-China Free Trade Agreement (ACFTA) in 2010 which made China’s position increasingly important for the ASEAN region.

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