Mapping and Evaluation of Nias and Southern Nias

In mapping the education condition in Nias and Southern Nias, several activities are done: secondary data gathering from several resources, thorough interviews,Focus Group Discussion, and early Seminars. All these activities done across Nias and Southern Nias. The results from the activities have provided valuabe recommendations to correct and improve the condition of basic-intermediate education:

  • Teacher training; teacher exchange program (outside Nias); additional incentive for teachers from the government/BRR is needed; increase the value of student’s scholarship (the scholarship should be increased to Rp. 150.000).
  • B & C Package socialization program; increase centralized library and reading spaces; facilitate the compilation of the KTSP curriculum (a team will be assembled to compose SD/SMP/SMA curriculum according to KTSP); a system and mechanism to apply school supervisors is needed; Vocational school empowerment (for example, Marine vocational schools are provided the facility for seaweed, Crabs, etc. Cultivation. Agriculture vocational schools are supported with facilities to develop plants for cultivation such as chocolate, coconut, rubber, etc. Vocational schools also need experts in technology in the respective studies)
  • Student exchange program; training for officials from the education office.
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