Research-Based Teaching And Learning

anak bangsa “4T learning approach characteristics to educate young generations”   Indonesia And Its Education Problems Indonesians are recently concerned by some problems related with the commercialism of international-standard schools, National Examinations pros and cons (including the vagueness of the assessment system objectivity) and low teacher competency. All of the problems are ... Furthermore →

Internationalization Dimensions of Indonesian School Systems

The growth and the come-back of global economy that is happening in Asian countries are very much affected by the progress of knowledge. We are familiar with the term “knowledge-based global economy”. Wider penetration is made possible by the revolution in information and communication technology. We need to pay attention ... Furthermore →

Education as a Missionary Act

I will start with my position that the word “missionary” used in this essay—requested by Yapendik GPIB—in our context means a person or a group of persons sent (by certain institutions) to do a special mission. This definition meets our understanding of the European Christian missionaries sending to islands in ... Furthermore →

Concept Note of Campus Ministry

Preamble The concept of campus ministry (CM) in this scenario is “nurturing as well as empowering, on the basis of Christian faith”, the capacity of a university as academic community to reach: Excellence (knowledge and skills of talented professionals–concept of “excellence” in the context of CM is knowledge-driven and therefore ... Furthermore →

Pedagogi Orang Basudara: Pedagogy of Tolerance

An education model based on the local virtue and wisdom of the people of Ambon to motivate social reconstruction and modernity. The city of Ambon was the center for learning in the province of Moluccas. It had the best schools and the only public university for the region. The educational ... Furthermore →