Three Hours at de Britto College

Before Idul Fitri holiday last month, I had opportunity to visit de Britto College High School in Yogyakarta. One lesson I concluded from de Britto community, and I think it will be useful for us, is its free education value. Why so? We will see why. I hope this essay ... Furthermore →

The School of Critical Education

Firstly, the title of the book is already critical: School of Critical Education. Therefore, I am convinced that the writer, Dr. M. Agus Nuryatno, is a critical person. He is currently a lecturer of Islamic education at Sunan Kalijaga State Islamic University in Yogyakarta. He graduated from McGill University in ... Furthermore →

What Is Technology Use to Education?

When attending a guest lecture by John Hunt on how to make use of information technology in education, I found that his lecture talked more about education philosophy than technology. John Hunt is an education consultant of Willi Toisuta & Associates. He teaches at the School of Science and Education ... Furthermore →