The signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between PT. Wacana Tata Akademika (WTA) and The Government of Central Sumba was held on January 18th, 2017.

WTA was represented by Mr. Eka Simanjuntak and Mr. Willi Toisuta as the President Director and Commissioner, while Government of Central Sumba was represented by the Regent and Chairman of Parliament of Central Sumba Regency. The Head of Education Office of Central Sumba Region along with several staffs of Central Sumba regional government were also attended this meeting.

This Education Revitalization program is aimed to improve the competences of elementary school teachers in teaching literacy and child-friendly learning (positive discipline) and science lessons for junior high school teachers, while principals on school-based management. Furthermore, in this program, the communities will also be encouraged to participate in supporting the education. In the implementation, WTA will use a sustainable and comprehensive approach. This program will be implemented on July 2017. Through this partnership, the Regent of Central Sumba hoped that the issues of education in Central Sumba can be solved.

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