After the Positive Discipline training for mentors/trainers in Jayapura was completed, the similar training was reimplemented in Sorong by Unicef ​​and Yayasan Nusantara Sejati, which under management of WTA. The training took place at STKIP Muhammadiyah campus in Sorong, on November 8 to 11, 2016.

There were 17 mentors /trainers who participated in this four days training. In this training, mentors/ trainers were trained on how to provide positive discipline training and mentoring for elementary teachers in 20 schools in Sorong. The approach of this training was also applied the concept where the mentors/trainers were guided to internalize the principles of positive discipline in their own life.

At the end of the training, mentors/ trainers designed a training program for positive discipline for teachers (in-house training). The training was held on November 17 to 30 , 2016 and was facilitated by 3 national trainers and 2 local trainers.