The increasing number of violence against children has taken people’s attention. Moreover, this violence happens at school and the actor is teacher who in many cases got an approval by parents.  The realization of such violence is a punishment given by teacher to children who deviate the rule. It happens due to the shared belief among teachers and parents that punishing pupils is one of the correct pedagogical method for them and violence is considered as the most effective way to disciplining children. To reduce the practice of violence against children, UNICEF has been working together with YNS, which under management of WTA, to implement a Positive Discipline approach for teachers, children, and parents.

For that purpose, UNICEF and YNS has developed the implementation of positive discipline that is adjusted with Papua context. This program was begun with a training session to socializing IGGRD/UNICEF mentor/trainer about positive discipline. This training was held at Sahid Hotel, Jayapura on July 25 to 27, 2016.

On November 2 to 5, 2016, those mentor/trainer gathered at Hotel D’Green, Jayapura to attended the second stage of positive discipline training. In these sessions, they were facilitated to constructing a training and mentoring program that will be used for train, mentor, and supervise the implementation of positive discipline program by the teacher at 20 schools (mentored by YNS/UNICEF) in Jayapura Regency.

Before the training and mentoring activity was is implemented, all mentors/trainers were asked to apply the principles of positive discipline by themselves as an internalization process. It was done as an exemplary to help and motivate teachers to apply the positive discipline. It was portrayed through Ulva Ulivia’s statement, “The lesson learnt that I got through this training is, I unconsciously I often did misbehave act so that I aware the importance of implementing positive discipline by myself before giving instruction to the teachers.”

In the last two days, mentor/trainer designed their own training plan which will be used to train the teachers. Therefore, they can implement the mentoring and training according to school context. This training is facilitated by 3 national trainers provided by YNS and some local trainer from Cendrawasih University and School Principal.