The issue about child abuse in Indonesia, especially Papua, is worrisome. Ironically, this violence happens in the school environment. This violence is even done by teachers themselves in the form of punishment. In response to this issue, UNICEF in collaboration with Institute of Good Governance and Regional Development (IGGRD) or Yayasan Nusantara Sejati (YNS), which under management of WTA, encourage the practice of positive discipline for teachers, parents, and students by conducting a training for teachers and mentors / trainers.

The Positive Discipline workshop for management and mentors / trainers was conducted as a part of the training preparation. The Director of WTA, Mr. Eka Simanjuntak, in which included in IGGRD / YNS, explained in his speech that the purpose of this workshop was to change the mindset and habits of punishment practices in schools. On the other hand, Mrs. Eliza, the representative of UNICEF, was hoping that through this workshop, the training materials can be developed to renew the methods of mentoring.

Therefore, the material and training manual of positive discipline that have been prepared was reviewed by national and local trainers in this workshop. YNS Positive Discipline Team has developed a training manual positive discipline in advance. Hence, this workshop was also considered as a public test for the training manual.

The 2 days workshop, was held in Rumah Makan Maranli, Jayapura CIty, from October 31 until November 1, 2016. This event was attended by 20 people from several groups who will involved direct and indirectly in the upcoming training program for mentors / trainers. The participants were consisted of master trainer, national trainer, local trainer, management, and UNICEF representatives. Moreover, the master trainers of Early Literacy Class Program were invited to give inputs and enriched the positive discipline material. This activity was followed by the training for mentors / trainers in Jayapura on November 2-5, 2016 and Sorong on November 8 to 11, 2016.