A professional development program which was managed by WTA through cooperation with University of the Sunshine Coast (USC) and funded by Australian Government through Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) was held on 26th of September 2016 to 23rd of October 2016. This activity took place in USC campus at Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. The participants were fourteen trainers from Board of Development of Human Resources Ministry of Home Affairs in Jakarta, Makassar, Padang, and Yogyakarta.

In that activity, there are some discussed topics like leadership, organizational management, diversity in the workplace, employment, financial principles, and governance. Participants felt that the activity was beneficial and it can be seen through three participants’ comments below.

          We got new knowledge as how to implement good leadership strategy, build team work cooperation with high performance, learn public policies that are possibly implemented in Indonesia with adaptation to existing Indonesian culture. – Bayu Erlangga

            I could say that this is a great opportunity for the group to learn more about leadership, practical training skill from the well-experienced trainers, as well as the culture exchange. They will hopefully not only increase their personal capacity but also develop the quality of organizational training program where they are involved in. They are also expected to be the changing agent for positive culture within the organization and peer-trainers that may transfer their new knowledge. – Oktavia Hutagalung

           We got benefit through the training in Australia around 4 weeks like knowledge about leadership, competence, and governmental system. There are lots of experiences that we got like learned to use English, interacted with the organizer, and enjoyed cool nature. – Mudji Estiningsih