Principal and Primary School Teacher Workshop in Region II, this time, took place in Nabire. The training activities that began on June 20, 2016, were officially opened by Vice Regent of Nabire, Amirrulah Mr. Hashim, S.IP, MM, at the Hall of SMK 1 Nabire. All activities for both teachers and principals group took place in this school area.

The workshop was attended by more than 120 teachers and principals from several regencies in Pegunungan Mee Pago (Deiyai, Dogiyai, Intan Jaya) and Saireri (The coastal of Teluk Cendrawasih) Nabire regency.

This activity was also attended by several officials from three institutions that are part of GPFD Team Mrs. Irwanti Sarewo (Education Department of Papua Province), Mr. Eka Simanjuntak (WTA), and Prof. William Rodney Carter (USC), along with other officials within the scope of the education offices of the regencies above.

The academic team from USC who took part in the principals training program were Mr. Tony Richardson and Brian Collins. For teacher training, there were Mr. Christopher Dann, Mrs. Ann Anderson, Mr. Peter Curtis. Dr. James Modouw (Expert Staff of Education Minister in Center and Local relations); Mr. Yohanis Rahail (IPPM) The founder of Sekolah Kampung were also included as a resource person.

In the principal workshop, USC Academic team who accompanied by the Alumni Academic Teacher (AAT) were Mrs. Yuliawati Madu, Ms. Elizabeth Bunga, Mr. Ferdinand Laumal. There were Mrs. Susanty Ansanay, Mrs. Maria Wambrauw and Mrs. Maria Bala who accompany the USC Team in the primary teacher workshop instead. The Master Trainer for Teachers Team was from two regions who are the lecturer of KPG Mrs. Anni F. Fonataba, Mr. Jefly Jefry Umpel, Mr. Ronald Manibuy, and Mr. Nasruddin Kanabaraf (KPG Nabire). There were Mr. Katemin, Mr. Nurhadi, Mr. Dominggus Kuhuela, Mr. Marthen S Marente from KPG Mimika as well.



Government Partnership Program for Development (GPFD) Papua is a  apacity Building Program for educational actors in Papua, especially the Principal and Teachers of Primary School of all districts in Papua. This program is a partnership between the Provincial Government and District / City in Papua, The University of The Sunshine Coast (USC), The Willi Toisuta and Associates (WTA) and supported by the Australian Government through the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT).